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Buying or Selling Property

Buying or Selling Property

Buy a home

Buying a home doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  Let me help you by providing the answers to your most common questions.  Many of my clients have me help them with questions relating to the home buying process.  To assist in this process, we’ve come up with a comprehensive 8 step process that will help you buy your new home.

8 Steps to Buying a Home:

1. Select a Realtor

2. Get Pre-Approved for a Loan

Prepare “Wish List”

3. Visit Properties

4. Learn about the Neighborhood

5. Make an Offer

6. Due Diligence

7. Closing / Possession

Sell property

Selling a House is a process of resolving many conflicting demands to your advantage!

To assist you establish a PLAN to sell your Home, we have come up with a 7 step process that will help you sell your home at the Highest Market Value in a time frame that meets your requirements.

7 Steps to Selling your House!

1. Are you Ready to Sell?

2. Select a Realtor

3. Determining the Listing Price

4. Marketing Your Home

5. FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

6. Negotiating/Accepting the Offer

7. Closing / Move Out