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Sell Property

Seven Steps to Selling Your Home

Verde Denver Real Estate is Denvers leader in the Denver real estate market.

Platt Park, Washington Park and Denver  Specialists

Platt Park, Washington Park and Denver's Real Estate Specialists, Verde Denver Real Estate has been one of the leading providers of real estate services to those looking to sell homes in Platt Park, Washington Park and Denver for nearly 10 years.   Having called Denver home for over 25 years and now residing in the Platt Park neighborhood they are the perfect choice to help you sell your home.  

To assist you establish a PLAN to sell you Home, we have come up with a 7 step process that will help you sell your home at the Highest Market Value in a time frame that meets your requirements.

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Step 1 - Are you ready to sell?

You are ready to Sell when:

1. You have completed your fact gathering process.

2. You are confident that your interests will be represented to your advantage.

3. You are comfortable with the Realtor® your have selected to work with you.

4. The Selling plan you have developed meets YOUR needs!


Step 3 - Determining the Listing Price

Establishing the Listing Price to ask for your Home, is one of the MOST important steps you will take. If your price is set too high (even in a very strong sellers market) you will not get an offer. If you set it too low, you will effectively be giving away your money. Establishing a price balancing between these two Pricing levels will be our objective.

We will provide you a complete CMA or Comparable Market Analysis, prior to establishing a listing Price for your Home. This report will show you both actual sale of properties similar to yours plus it will show you what homes are currently on the Market in competition with your home. You will be provided with a list of Homes, most comparable to your home in terms of square feet, year built, condition of the Home, proximity to you home, lot size, date of sale or time on the market. When appropriate, we will set showings on homes in your neighborhood and actually visit these homes with you prior to setting your price. We will also provide guidance to establish a Price point which will meet the requirements of Appraisers. Remember that MOST homes acquired will have a Mortgage Lender who will insist on an independent Appraisal prior to Financing a Buyer for your Home.

During the process of finalizing the Listing Price, we will prepare a “Net Cash Available to Seller” analysis for you. This will let you know the cash you may expect to have available to you after the close of sale for your home.


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Step 2 - Select an Agent

The terms Agent, Broker and Realtor® are often used interchangeably – BUT have very different meanings. In Colorado, a person must be licensed in order to sell Real Estate. Standards set by the State cover the minimal education, examinations and experience needed to become licensed. After receiving a real estate license, the better Agents join their Local and National “Association of Realtors”, the world’s largest professional trade association.

Only after joining the Association and subscribing to a strict “Code of Ethics” (which goes well beyond state law) can the real estate Agent be called a Realtor®. It is through the Realtor Association that the Agent agrees to collectively share the information on all houses listed for sale. This is done through the local MLS or Multiple Listing Service.

We pledge to you the strongest marketing effort not only locally, but nationally and internationally through our website and numerous other internet marketing outlets which we network through. As your Agent, it is our job to get your house sold! 


Step 4 - Marketing your Home

Consideration of Current Market Conditions for your home:

1. Are home prices in your area trending upwards or downwards?

2. Are homes selling quickly or languishing?

3. Will your home be on the market in the spring home-buying season or the dead of winter?

4. What are current interest rates for mortgages?

5. Will you be selling in a Buyers or a Sellers market?

6. Is the local job market strong or are employees fearful of staff reductions?

7. How motivated are you for a quick sale?

8. Is it necessary for you as Seller to provide “incentives” such as a “pre-home sale” inspection, Home Buyers Warranty, financing assistance, Selling Agent bonuses? Many of these factors will be weighed in the First Step in marketing you Home – STEP 3 Determining the Listing Price.

Setting the Stage to Sell your Home:

Consider what you look for when looking for a home to purchase – Visual appearance, odors and noise all factor into your impression. Imaging yourself walking up to your home as though for “the first time”:

What do you notice?

How do you feel about what you see?

Is the home inviting?

Is the home well-maintained?

Would you be inclined to buy this home?

Methods used in Selling of your Home:

List your Home with the MLS within 24 hours of having a signed listing Agreement

Prepare Virtual Tour of your home for use on our website and other National websites

Prepare marketing materials about your home

Distribute the marketing materials

Notify your neighborhood about your home.

Hold Open Houses as appropriate

Notify National Referral Companies in the Metro Denver area.

Cooperate with ALL Real Estate Agents

Providing yard signs and Brochure boxes in your front yard.

Advertise home: media and frequency depends on property and market.

Prepare Property Profile report to be available to Buyers as they visit Home.